Asin Hot Springs Near Baguio City - Philippines

Labeled as Philippines’ Summer Capital, Baguio City is popular for its refreshing and relaxing cold climate. Most Filipino travelers and foreigners spend their summer vacations at the city to escape the heat in the other regions of the country. Some tourist spots in the city that travelers expect to see are Burnham Park, Wright Park and The Mansion. However, to the surprise of some travelers, they are able to have a dip at the attractive hot springs near the adorable city of pines.

Popularly known as Asin, Nangalisan is a barangay in Tuba, Benguet that has more than five hot spring resorts. Asin hot springs are near Baguio City, that tourists from the city only spend half an hour to reach the barangay. Because of the improving number of travelers who visit Asin hot springs every year, the barangay becomes one of the attractive tourist spots in Benguet.

Other Facilities at Asin Hot Springs

Hot spring resorts owners in Asin make sure that they provide the basic needs of tourists who visit their places so they add other important facilities like clean bathrooms, spacious pools and steam baths. One of the reasons why many travelers enjoy visiting and swimming at Asin resorts because the waters in the pools of the resorts have therapeutic effects.

Peak Seasons at Asin Hot Springs

Like resorts, beaches and hot springs in other provinces of the country, Asin hot springs experience peak and off-peak seasons. Owners of resorts in Asin that offer hot springs pools agree that the number of tourists and travelers who go to their resorts increases during summer season as well as holidays. During summer season, pools in Asin resorts are filled with cool waters from mountains to accommodate tourists who want to have a refreshing dip at their swimming pools.

Rates at Asin Hot Springs

Room rates and entrance fees at Asin hot springs are affordable. Entrance fees range from Php 80 to Php 100 for day and night swimming. Meanwhile, room accommodations range from Php 800 to Php 2,000 per day. Some resorts also have conference rooms that can accommodate 100 people.

Asin hot springs are only some of the attractive features of Tuba. Travelers can visit other natural wonders and beautiful spots in the town that are still unpopular up to this time. Asin is very accessible and near Baguio City so tourists will not have difficult and problems reaching the barangay’s adorable and relaxing hot springs.



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