Baguio Cathedral in Baguio City - Philippines

One of the fascinating summer vacation spots in the Philippines, Baguio City is popular to travelers and foreigners for its alluring parks as well as relaxing climate. Many people visit this city in the northern area of the country to see beautiful sceneries like Mines View and Burnham Park. However, aside from these tourist spots, another historical spot in Baguio City that attracts most travelers is Baguio Cathedral.

Also named as Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, Baguio Cathedral is historical because many Filipinos stayed in this place during World War II. The cathedral is attractive since its situation is accessible and near to the famous roads and areas in the city including Session Road and Cathedral Loop. Its architecture is also fascinating, which is why every year a great number of Filipinos travel several miles just to attend a mass at Baguio Cathedral.

Baguio Cathedral’s Brief History

The construction of Baguio Cathedral started in 1920, with the supervision of Father Florimono Carlu. After 16 years, the development of the cathedral was finished and the religious institution’s dedication to Our Lady of Atonement took place. In 1945, many bombing victims sheltered and evacuated in the cathedral. Hence, due to the historical value of this place, a Catholic mission decided to renovate some of the structures in the cathedral in 2006.

Attractive Features of Baguio Cathedral

Travelers can easily identify the cathedral because it has an enticing pink façade and circular windows. Baguio Cathedral has a spacious courtyard that overlooks the business area of the city. People who want to see the cathedral can reach the place in two ways; either by walking in a stone staircase from Session Road or by walking from the nearby school, Saint Louis University.

Another attractive feature of Baguio Cathedral is its shopping center named Porta Vaga. The members of the cathedral donated and contributed for the development of the shopping center. The cathedral established the shopping center to create a strong wall that supports the building from collapsing in case a strong earthquake occurs.

With all the special attractions and features, Baguio Cathedral is one of the beautiful spots that travelers can visit at the city of pines. This cathedral is near to some business establishments like restaurants, malls and commercial market. Thus, the travel experiences of tourists in the city are not complete if they will not see the alluring structure and architecture of the historical Catholic Church building in Baguio City, Baguio Cathedral.



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