Baguio Central University in Baguio City - Philippines

A beautiful, amusing and wonderful tourist destination in the Philippines, Baguio City features alluring parks and spots like Burnham Park and Mines View. Aside from the attractive spots, most people like to visit this city because of its cold climate. However, Baguio City does not just cater travelers and tourists, but it also caters to youths who want to have quality education since the city has many outstanding and excellent universities like Baguio Central University.

A private and non-sectarian school in the city of pines, Baguio Central University aims to excel in offering educational training to students who want to be successful in various fields. This university also offers good quality of education to high school and preschool students in Baguio City. Among all, the school is very popular for vocational courses that it features.

The Origin of Baguio Central University

An educational institution that started as a vocational school, Baguio Central University was established in 1945 right after the Second World War II ended. The school was first known as Centro Academy. Four years passed and the vocational school included high school program to serve youths who look for another option for vocational training.

With the desire of helping many students in the city, the institution started to offer degree programs in 1951. Since it began to provide other degree programs, its board of directors decided to change its name into Baguio Central University in 1977. The school continued to expand until in 1985, it opened its doors to students who are eager to have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant and Management.

Graduate and Undergraduate Programs at Baguio Central University

Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice System are some of the undergraduate degree programs available at the university. Graduate students who want to have diverse degrees can also enroll in some of the school’s graduate programs like Master in Business Administration and Doctor of Education.

Baguio Central University is one of the large schools in the city. Some of its students are from other regions in the country. They enroll in the school since it has a good quality of education. The school also offers innovative and advance educational features like electronic library, multimedia lecture room and histology laboratory. Among all, the location of Baguio Central University is very accessible so to those who want to have good education, they should consider enrolling in this university.



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