Baguio City School of Arts and Trades in Baguio City - Philippines

Baguio City is known for its young and dynamic vibe, fuelled by a strong youth population thanks to its reputation as a university town. One such notable school in Baguio City is Baguio City School of Arts and Trades.

BCSAT as the school is more commonly called, is located at the Upper Session Road, a stones throw away from the bustling commerce of Session Road. The school was formally opened for students in June 16, 2007 by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority - Cordillera Autonomous Region (TESDA-CAR) under the management of only a handful of personnel. Under the flagship program the two-year Food Preparation and Service Technology (FPST)there were only 23 enrollees, 11 of which graduated in the year 1999. During this time, the courses offered was also growing, with the addition of Basic Hotel Operations (BHO) as requested by Rotary Club of Metro Baguio and the PLAN International for BCSAT.

This course was especially offered for the benefit of out-of-youth scholars who needed skills that will make them employable. Among the skills taught in the course incude bartending and waitering as well as baking and food processing. Likewise, more technical skills are also taught such as repairing electrical appliance and building wiring installation. By year 2007, the school has produced a total of 67 regular program graduates, and an astounding 692 certifications were given in the short-term courses.

The school is unique in its utilization of the Dual Training System (DTS), a competency-based vocational education that aims to use both the school and the workplace as venues for learning for the students. Currently, there are thirty (30) industry partners of BCSAT in and around the city, helping to hone the students skills in a hands-on way.

To date, BCSAT is quickly realizing its vision of becoming a leading Center of Excellence in Vocational Education and Training. The schools mission: to provide quality instructions and practical experiences to high school graduates, out of school youths, and unemployed adults through effective networking with stakeholders to ensure customer satisfaction.

As of 2008, BCSAT offers the following courses:

National Certificate programs: Housekeeping, Front Office Services, Food and Beverage Services, Baking & Pastry Production, Commercial Cookery, Bartending, Caregiving, Household Services

Competency Certificate Programs: Leading to Housekeeping, Leading to Commercial Cookery, Leading to Food and Beverage Services, Leading in Baking/Pastry Production, Leading to Bartending, Certificate in Barista Finishing Course, Leading to PC Operations

Community-Based Technology Training Program: Competencies in Baking/Pastry Production, Competencies in Commercial Cooking, Competencies in Food Processing, Competencies in Beauty Care, Competencies in Hair Dressing



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