Baguio General Hospital in Baguio City - Philippines

Baguio General Hospital is a government hospital and the only hospital here in Baguio City that is considered a tertiary hospital. Dr. Manuel Factora, is currently the Medical Director of the said institution.

It is one of the oldest hospitals dating back in 1907, where the construction of Baguio General Hospital was started. It is also here where the first college of nursing in the region was established.

Baguio General Hospital is the sought after hospital for not only the people from Baguio but even the neighboring provinces. Most of the people seeking services from the hospital are indigents. As a government hospital, Baguio General Hospital offers just that (low hospital fee).

But paying low prices does not necessarily mean compromising the quality of services rendered by doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel. The medical personnel are also sought after. Since plenty of patients consult and are admitted in the hospital, the range of medical cases encountered by the medical personnel varies. They encounter and get to be exposed on different cases that they are considered masters of their skills.

Baguio General Hospital offers a lot of specialty ranging from pediatrics, general medicine to specialties in medicine such as psychiatry, obstetrics and surgery. They also offer laboratory procedures.

Baguio General Hospital is also a teaching hospital. With that being said, medical professionals do their internship in this hospital. Not only on the medical field, but majority of the nursing schools here in Baguio and nursing schools in some neighboring provinces are affiliated to this hospital. This means that they do their practicum / hospital exposure in this institution.

Another program offered by Baguio General Hospital is the Post-Graduate Hospital Experience for Nurses. Whether you are a fresh graduate or not, as long as you passed the local board exam, you are welcome to enroll in this program. It has a span of three months exposure to a specific department / ward (e.g. Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Nursery, Operating Room/Surgery Ward, and/or the Emergency Room).

As of the present, a newly constructed building was erected as part of the original Baguio General Hospital building. It is the Juan Flavier building, courtesy of the Senator Juan Flavier who has been an instrument to the construction of the said building.

The new building is where the Emergency Room is now located with its new equipments and other facilities. It is more spacious and there is a specified room for each department.

As a sought after hospital, Baguio General Hospital has already seen it all and done it all. It has been already been tried and well tested. And the medical professionals, as much as they can, will provide the best care and treatment that they can offer without burning so much a hole into your pocket.



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