Baguio Hospitals and Health Care - Philippines

People usually go to Baguio City to relax, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the sights, try the food, and have a great time. Local tourists from the low lands especially love going up to the Philippines' pine city simply to escape the fury of a tropical summer and get a cool change. Some foreigners who may be yearning for a short climate change, just to regain a feel of the weather back home, enjoy the cool weather in Baguio City, which is always degrees lower than anywhere else in the country.

Being safe than sorry is always a good rule when taking a vacation in Baguio. Visitors come to the city to enjoy themselves; however, there are unfortunate incidents even if we didn't intend them to happen. Some who are not used to the cold weather may get sick; others get into an accident, or other unfortunate events. Baguio does have numerous hospitals that are well equipped to cope with such emergencies and situations.

If you're looking for a center in Baguio City for cosmetic surgery, you might find them in short supply since such medical procedures are not that common here. The health care centers in Baguio City cater to other medical needs. It is interesting that the health care centers here use both traditional and holistic forms of medicine.

A word of warning though would be that there are also so called healers in the city. You better check a health care professional's credentials in case you find him a bit shady. Better yet, when in an emergency, always head for the nearest hospital instead for a small clinic or center.

The city's health department gives emphasis to clean stress free living. The department aims to improve and institutionalize the city's health services and make sure that these said health services are given in a timely manner. Since one of the leading health issues Filipinos face today are heart related, the department has put up health centers to make information and services more accessible. Efforts have been made with an emphasis on health and safety.

Here's a list of some of the medical centers you'll find in Baguio City.

Baguio Chinese-Filipino Hospital along Trancoville.

Baguio General Hospital along Marcos Highway.

Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center, which is along Governor Pack Road.

Baguio Medical Center with address at 9 Military Cut-off Road.

Hospital of the Sacred Heart along Assumption Road Extension

Notre Dame Hospital on Diego Silang.

Pines City Doctor's Hospital on 22 Session Road and another one on Magsaysay Avenue.

Saint Louis University Hospital along Assumption Road.

Benguet General Hospital in Trinidad Valley

For those who need to buy their prescriptions, there are a number of drug stores or pharmacies where you can get them. Session Road is always a good place to start since almost everything you need or whatever store you're looking for will be found there.

Here are a few of the pharmacies and drug stores on Baguio City. Barp Drug Store is on 37 Session Road. Dennis Anthony's Pharmacy is on 1 Abanao while Farmacia Angelina is on 09 Kayang. One of the Philippines' largest chain of pharmacies, Mercury Drug, is at the Rillera Building along Magsaysay Avenue. New Med Pharmacy is on 117 Kayang and Only Son Pharmacy is on 18 Kayang.

Here are a few useful numbers you might want to keep in handy just in case you might need them. The city's Emergency Medical Service number is 442 1911. Baguio's Pregnancy Crisis Center's number is 445 0844. The Philippine National Red Cross in Baguio City can be reached at 442 4036.

As always whenever one is on a vacation or business trip to Baguio, or any other location for that matter, one should be exercise caution. Avoid being bitten by animals, which means never provoke them, especially as rabies is present in the country. Remember to bring your prescriptions to ensure a hassle free visit. Never take an unknown road or track unless you have a guide who knows the way. Keeping oneself safe and taking necessary precautions will ensure a nice memorable visit to Baguio City.




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