Baguio Medical Center in Baguio City - Philippines

Baguio City is one of the premiere tourist spots in the Philippines. Regarded as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it accommodates millions of local and foreign tourists each year. Being such, Baguio is also home to a number of quality and commendable facilities which include hotels, malls, banks, and hospitals. This feature makes Baguio an even more popular tourist destination.

Tourists and visitors who might suddenly find themselves ill while on vacation in the city, there are a number of hospitals around. One of which is the Baguio Medical Center situated at Military Cut Off that makes it easily accessible. Baguio Medical Center is a private hospital that boasts of satisfactory health care services. It offers a wide range of services that cover the following areas: Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Dental Health, Emergency Medicine, Gynecology, Laboratories, Neurosciences, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, ENT, Radiology, and Surgery.

Baguio Medical Center is a private hospital but if offers reasonable rates, which makes it a popular choice among people in the city. It offers a wide range of services and also boasts of highly competent doctors and staff. It is one of the first hospitals in the city, which may also be one of the reasons behind its popularity.

At present, Baguio Medical Center has a twenty five bed capacity. It has two Operating Rooms which can be used simultaneously, and its own Delivery Room. It has a sufficient number of health care staff including doctors and specialists, nurses, medical and radiological technologists; and administrative personnel. Visiting and fulltime doctors – consultants are commonly from the locality, yet there are others who come from nearby provinces and cities to ensure optimum healthcare services offered to patients.

Baguio Medical Center is a member of the Philippine Hospital Association. Membership in the said association may assure quality standards and procedures practices in the said hospital. It is also recognized by a number of medical associations and societies. It consistently takes part in the different government health programs and constantly advocates proper medical health practices. Just recently, the said hospital was also launched as a venue to promote awareness and to disseminate information about blood pressure. In line with this, the hospital offers blood pressure screening and other services to people at risk.

Those who seek commendable health services in the City of Baguio might consider Baguio Medical Center, with its accessible location, reasonably priced services, and competent medical and administrative staff.



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