Baguio Village Inn in Baguio City - Philippines

Away from the crowds and smog of the city and yet very accessible to it—this is what Baguio Village Inn offers tourists and vacationers. Plus, the food offered at the inn, cooked by who guests fondly call “Manang” )elder sister in Ilocano), gives the place a homey ambience.

Baguio Village Inn is located along the urban Magsaysay Avenue, in Benguet, in the midst of all the action and excitement in the city, and yet in a section of the road where there’s relative fresher air and quiet. To be exact, it’s on number 55. The road is lined up with various establishments, and Baguio Village Inn may not be that attractive on the outside (but presentable), yet we’d be amazed by its interior.

Inside Baguio Village Inn is a play of wooden interior design subtly rendered in clear varnish or plain wood finish. It feels like being in those warm and cozy mountain cabins we see in European or American films, but the best thing is that we’re really in a busy district of Baguio City.

A stay at Baguio Village Inn costs about $7 to $19 per room, or something like Php 315 to Php 855. The inn accepts payments in cash, as a priority, and also through major credit cards. We may opt to eat in the inn’s restaurant that serves Filipino and international dishes when we feel like just relaxing “at home” during lunch or supper time.

We may opt for rooms with special amenities like a tub, of course, with the accompanying price increase. When it gets so cold in Baguio a hot tub is a luxury. Then, perched on the hillside Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio Village Inn can allow us breath-taking views of other hillside cabins and residences, like those on Tabora, as we take short walks in the immediate environs. These are good features of the inn.

Baguio Village Inn is right in front of the Cathedral of the Resurrection on J. Balajadia, Ray Martin on Magsaysay Avenue, and the Holiday Supermarket on Buhagan Road.

From the city market, Baguio Central Mall, and the Mercury Drug on Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio Village Inn is just a 5 to 10 minute jeepney ride. Going to the city proper takes only 15 to 20 minutes. The inn’s location is very convenient for city touring.

If we want the sights of the city while enjoying quiet and fresher air, we check out what Baguio Village Inn is all about.



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