Benguet General Hospital in Baguio City - Philippines

Benguet General Hospital is a government hospital. The hospital, itself, has served the residents of La Trinidad and other neighboring provinces for almost 37 years. And in that span of time, there are plenty of developments that has happened.

Benguet General Hospital is located in La Trinidad, Benguet. It is just right after La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post. And right across McDonald’s and Benguet State University. The mentioned school’s nursing department is an affiliate of Benguet General Hospital.

From its humble beginnings, Benguet General Hospital has come a long way. Of course, as each step has been taken, that step is one step further to advancement.

One thing that is noticeable when passing through the hospital is the building itself. Looking at its structure, you will be amazed. You can say that it is not your typical government hospital. The structure is unique in its appearance.

With the help of Himex Corporation under the commissioned contract with Japan Grant-Aid (JICA: Japan International Cooperation Agency), Himex was able to render engineering services to some of the hospitals and institutions in the Philippines. One of those hospitals is Benguet General Hospital.

When you enter the main entrance of the hospital, you can see the spacious receiving area. You would think you are in a hotel rather than in a hospital. Additional facilities and equipments were also upgraded.

In November of 2006, Benguet General Hospital has been accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation as a tertiary hospital.

By 2007, the hospital is declared DOH-licensed and is already operating at a 150 bed capacity general hospital compared to a 100 bed capacity in 2006.

The hospital right now is accepting nurse volunteers. They offer that program to any nurse graduates who has passed the local board examination for nurses. There is a specified amount of time for that training.

If you are a new graduate or you may need refreshing your skills in nursing, Benguet General Hospital is a good place. You get to be exposed on the different wards and with the new improvements and the declaration of the hospital as a tertiary hospital; there are plenty of departments to choose from.

If you are a resident of La Trinidad seeking hospital services, then this is the available hospital to go. Or maybe, if you are seeking for a job (does not matter where you are from), and you want to try those hi-tech facilities, then Benguet General Hospital is also a good place to be.



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