Dagupan Bus to Baguio - Philippines

Tourism in Baguio is one of the busiest in the whole Philippines. Because of its classification as a favorite spot for locals and tourists, Baguio City is one place that is busy all year round. Same as Boracay, Davao, and Bohol, tourists are pulled to this cool City of Pines whether it is during the summer or regular season. Given that fact, the transportation going to and from Baguio City is also one of the busiest. One of the best modes of transportation from Manila is to take the Dagupan Bus to Baguio.

From Manila, there are three ways to get to Baguio City. The first involves air transportation. One may take a very short flight from Manila Domestic Airport going to Loakan Airport in Baguio. Since Baguio City is small, it has only one airport. All flights coming from all over the Philippines go straight ahead to Loakan.

The second way to get to Baguio City is to have private transportation. Either one drives by themselves or rent a car or van. For bigger groups, renting a van is advisable because it is more economical. The drive to Baguio though, is quite long. Normally, it would take about six hours. An experienced long distance driver must be chosen for this task. Driver alternates are also recommended since driving to Baguio is tiring and not advisable for new drivers.

The third way is to take public bus transportation like Dagupan Bus to Baguio. This third method of taking Dagupan Bus to Baguio is probably the best method to use. For most travelers, having ones trip well taken care of is one big relief. Since taking the Dagupan Bus to Baguio is a form of commercial transportation, there is no need for hours of tiring driving, maps, and gasoline fee consideration. The most important benefit of taking the Dagupan Bus to Baguio is that one can go there feeling like a complete tourist on vacation! All one has to do is to hop on the Dagupan Bus to Baguio, sit and relax, sleep or eat on the bus, and you arrive the City of Pines fresh and energetic.

Taking the Dagupan Bus to Baguio City is also very practical and economical. This is a known fact to the regulars of Baguio. It is very easy to avail of Dagupan bus tickets whether in Manila or from the different regions of the country. Daily trips of the Dagupan Bus to Baguio are offered, and the fare usually is much cheaper compared to spending for your own gasoline.

Going to Baguio City, whether it is for a short or long stay, one is assured of a comfortable, safe, and fun way. Tourists may take an airplane from Manila, or use the more preferred land transportation. Land transportation also offers the privacy of ones own driving or the convenience of taking commercial buses.



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