Elegant Hotel and Restaurant in Baguio City - Philippines

For anyone looking for a hotel that places premium on affordable prices with quality service, one need not go farther than the Elegant Hotel and Restaurant in Baguio City.

The Elegant Hotel has 30 rooms, and are designed to cater to the needs of every type of individual. The Matrimonial Bed, good for two people, has a rate of 1,520 Php (33 USD), the Twin Bed (2 individuals), 1,673 Php (37 USD), the Triple Bed (three persons) costs 1,960 Php (43 USD).

Economy rooms in the Baguio Elegant Hotel can accommodate four people and costs 2.375 Php (52 USD). An economy room for five costs 2,775 Php (61 USD), for six 2,970 Php (66 USD) and for seven the rate is 3,300 Php (73 USD). The Apartelle (good for six and furnished) comes in at 4,620 Php (102 USD) and includes complimentary breakfast.

Other accommodations of the Baguio Elegant Hotel rooms include cable TV, warm/cold shower (24/7), a videoke bar, deposit boxes and a restaurant. The eatery offers the best of both Filipino dishes and also Western and other international delicacies and cuisines.

In addition the Elegant Hotel rooms have intercom, laundry service and doctors to attend to any medical emergency. One simply has to notify the staff and a physician will be sent to attend to the person in need. Aside from the standby generators, there is also a secure parking area.

The Elegant Hotel also offers several packages. For 300 Php per individual (each day) one gets a complimentary lunch, snacks, and may utilize the conference hall in the hotel. For 750 Php the package includes Full Board Meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) and the full usage of the Empire Hall, the Gallery and Middle Kingdom function halls.

When you decide to stay at the Baguio Elegant Hotel you should keep the following in mind: only those registered can be allowed in the rooms of all hotel guests; otherwise these individuals should be met at the lobby only. If you are going to leave the room, make sure to place the key in the front office. Pets are also not allowed. Smoking is forbidden, except for the designated areas.

While drinks can be ordered at any time (24 hours a day), the kitchen service can accommodate you from six in the morning up to eleven in the evening.

The Baguio Elegant Hotel and Restaurant is located at 421 Magsaysay Avenue, 2600 in Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines.



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