Baguio City General Tourist Info - Philippines

Baguio City still remains as one of the top favorite destinations among foreign and local tourists in the Philippines. The cool, refreshing, and cozy weather presents a different face of the Philippines to its visitors. Those who are nostalgic of cool weather or those who would just love to get away from the tropical summer heat will usually opt to stay in here.

The city is located north of Manila at a distance of around 240 kilometers. The temperature here ranges from 15 to 26 degrees Celsius. However, you should expect it to drop to a low eight degrees Celsius during the wet season from June to September. Those who are not used to such cold temperatures are advised to bring along their coat to cope with the weather.

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Tourism and Education Sectors

Major portions of the economy come from tourism and education. Since the city is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines and it is a favorite vacation spot of Filipino families, especially those coming home from working overseas, the influx of visitors fuel the city's trade and commerce. Lodgings will not be hard to find, however, be advised that you will find it difficult to locate a place to stay during the peek summer season since most hotels and inns will be fully booked at such times.

The city has several key colleges and universities that house a diverse student body from all over the Philippines. Other educational institutions and schools also abound in the city further increasing the number of the student populace. Thus the youth cover a significant portion of the city's population.

Some of the really significant universities and colleges here are University of the Philippines, the Philippine Military Academy, Saint Louis University, University of Baguio, University of the Cordilleras, Baguio Central University, and Pines City Colleges. There are other institutions of higher learning and smaller schools that offer other fields of study.

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Tourist Destinations

Getting around the city won't be too tough a task to handle. Public transport is practically inexpensive and easy so getting to the city's popular destinations will be easy. Most of the popular tourist destinations here are located on the eastern and southern sides of the city. Some of the popular destinations and tourist spots are Burnham Park, the Baguio Cathedral, Session Road, Camp John Hay, The Mansion, Mines View Park, and the Botanical Garden. Getting to the different sites will be easy since they are clustered together.

Shopping Adventures

Your experience here only gets better if you try the shopping action. Action is the right word for the occasion when you haggle for prices and hunt for really good deals. The best place to get a piece of the shopping action is along Session Road. Here you'll find SM City, one of biggest chain of malls in the country, and the city market on the opposite end. Specialty shops, stalls, stores, and restaurants are in the heart of the city adding spice to any shopping spree.

A good practice for all the haggling and specialty item hunting action will be at the many souvenir shops found near every tourist attraction in the city. Rates for shopping items are pretty much reasonable since even the storeowners know that you can easily find another store to compare prices with.

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Where to Stay/Accommodation Options

There are numerous accommodations including more than 30 hotels, resorts, and even more than 70 lodging or retreat houses. This number does not even include the private houses that allow visitors to take in rooms for a small fee. In spite of the hundreds of places you can choose to stay in given all these accommodations, summers and peak months will remain packed and crowded. You may find yourself crammed in with other guests or you would just have a hard time finding a place to stay. This is hard evidence of how popular a destination this city is during that time of the year.

Some of the hotels of note are the Atenara House that at 40 Navy Road, Camp John Hay Manor Hotel, Baguio Country Club along South Drive, Microtel Inns & Suites along Upper Session Road, and the City Light Hotel at 245 Upper General Luna Road.

Dining Options

Like other Philippine cities, will have the ever-present fast food chains. However, if you're looking for places that offer the different flavors then you should try some of these places. You may try Barrio Fiesta, which is along upper Session Road, for an array of Philippine cuisine. Pizza Volante, which is also along Session Road, offers Italian flavors. If you're in Camp John Hay then a couple of options will have to be Chocolate de Batirol and Katsutori. If you're up for Thai food then head on to 12 Otek St and dine at O Mai Khan.

Baguio remains one of the best places you can visit in the Philippines. The cool weather and the wonderful scenery are persuasive invitations to see and explore the different colors and flavors of Baguio City. It is truly a mountain resort that exudes a fine escape from the summer heat of the Philippines.




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