How to Get to and from Angeles - Philippines

Angeles City is quite accessible to the most interesting tourist destination in Northern Luzon Baguio City. These two cities enjoy quite a sizeable crowd of tourists monthly. So it is not at all surprising that transportation service is well-developed to and from.

How to get to and from Angeles when you are in Baguio? Thats quite an easy task. Thats because there is a connecting trip between these two cities via Swagmans Fly the Bus. There is also a cheaper alternative in the form of public transportation via Partas Bus and Victory Liner. If you have that much to spend, you may also avail of a car rental service that would give you an easy, convenient, and comfortable travel all along.

First, lets tackle Swagmans Fly the Bus. This interesting transport service provides assistance from Manila to Angeles, Angeles to Baguio and to other towns farther up north. It is usually in the form of private vehicles such as vans that stops over in key hotels and restaurants. It is also noted as one of the most convenient way of moving through Angeles to Baguio and back. The only problem with Swagmans is the travel time. With so many stopovers along the way, you must be prepared to endure the long trip.

Next, lets deal with the public bus companies that provide service to and from Angeles. Theres a Partas Bus that picks up passengers from the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark Field. From there, you will be brought to Sison after a three-hour trip. At Sison, you will switch to Victory Liner Bus that goes directly to Baguio. On your trip back, you will also go through the same route.

Lastly, theres the option of using a car rental service to get to and from Angeles. Beeline Travel, for example, arranges transport service from Angeles to any point of Luzon including Baguio. Car rental is another popular choice among local and foreign tourists because it is convenient and safe. You will be taken from your pick up point and will be brought to your drop off point. Theres no need to switch vehicles or bear with the waiting period. Arranging for a car rental service is like bringing a car of your own without having to drive and learn the roads to go.

How to get to and from Angeles is a pretty easy task nowadays with many transport options available. Thats how the tourism industry of both Baguio and Angeles are made active and lively.



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