How to get to Baguio by Plane - Philippines

Baguio City, a favorite destination of local and foreign tourists, is accessible by land and by air transportation. It is a 50-minute flight from the domestic airport in Manila to Loakan Airport in Baguio City and about 4 hours drive from Manila by land. Many travelers, including businessmen prefer to take air transportation to cut down travel time in order to arrive early to their destination, besides citing convenient reasons.

Air transport to Baguio is being served by the Asian Spirit, the only airline serving the city’s commuters.

Asian Spirit, a local domestic airline, provides the air transport to Baguio and Manila. It has a daily morning schedule flight leaving the domestic airport in Manila at 9:00 a.m. and arriving Loakan Airport at 9:50 a.m. The plane returns to Manila at 10:00 a.m. same day. Air transport to Baguio is scheduled in the morning flights because fog covers the airport surroundings in the afternoon which creates zero visibility

Loakan airport is constructed at the top of the mountain and deep ravines could be seen at both ends of the runway. Because of the limited length of Loakan runway, only propeller-driven aircraft could access this airport and commercial jet aircrafts are not allowed its use.

Loakan airport is sometimes closed to air traffic during inclement weather conditions and when there is zero visibility. Flights, under this condition, are diverted to an alternate airport in San Fernando, La Union, which is 40 kms. away from Baguio. From there, passengers are transported to Baguio by buses or cars.

The Loakan airport is only 20 minutes away from the city and from the different tourists’ sites of Baguio.

The domestic airport in Manila is in Pasay City, near the international airport. From downtown Baguio, taxis and public transports could take visitors to Loakan airport via Kennon Road or Loakan Road.

In June 2008, several groups opposed closure of the Loakan airport because of the consequences it will bring to tourism, commerce and health of Baguio residents.In unison, they all responded to cooperate in the plan to rehabilitate the airport to be a viable operation, and to add more airline companies to serve the air transport to Baguio and from other areas as well.

Other airline companies refuse to provide air transport to Baguio for economic reasons and because of few number of passenger reservations.

In responding to the people’s appeal to enhance tourism and to support the expanding needs of the companies in the Export Processing Zone in Baguio, the local government of Baguio staged plans in rehabilitating the Loakan airport.Aside from this, the Baguio Tourism Council negotiated with the Sea Air, another local airline to provide the necessary air transport to Baguio for commuters. At present air transport to Baguio is being done by only one airline company.

The viability of the air transport to Baguio operations is the only guarantee to persuade for other airline companies to fly in this direction.


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