Mines View Park in Baguio City - Philippines

From its deck area we view the mining sites of Benguet Corporation plus the mountain ranges that sprawl as far as the eyes could see. Mines View Park is doubtless a favorite among visitors who take the trouble to trek up Baguio just to see this site again though seen a countless times before.

Standing 1,500 meters above sea level, Mines View Park is among the coolest parts of the Pines City. It is part of the vast range of the Cordillera Mountains. If we just look hard enough we’d see part of Camp John Hay across from it. But the majestic mountains are just among interesting things the site can offer. Just look around our immediate milieu and we’d see other features.

Looking down directly below we see a steep almost vertical wall of hard and sharp granite all the way down about 100 or so feet to level ground. Igorot boys run up and down there with great speed without holding on to anything. They’d dare us to throw coins they’d run after like crazy. Their black huge dogs do likewise. Mines View Park is getting popular for this, too.

At the back of the Mines View Park deck there’s also a lazy white horse we can sit on while having our pictures taken for a fee. Both kids and adults go crazy for this. In fact, sometimes they completely forget about Mines View. Best of all, there are the small huts and stalls in and around Mines View Park where thousands of interesting souvenir and miscellaneous items are displayed.

Somewhere near are sounds of grilled corn popping and filling the air with sweet aroma. There are jumbo hotdogs on sticks, too, and a box container of cool softdrinks. Across the street opposite the entrance to Mines View Park are big souvenir stores selling big wooden sculptures, swords, souvenir t-shirts, native wallets, brooms, beads, curtains, hats, caps, wooden dining sets, strawberry jams, earthen pots, and what-have-you.

Another thing that visitors are beginning to discover and really love is the freshly baked creamy and tasty ube jam home-made by nuns of the Good Shepherd Seminary within walking distance from Mines View Park. The pies there are also super.

All these extra features add to the already luring appeal of Mines View Park. These days, it’s not only about awesome views of mine-rich mountains and spectacular sights, it’s also about daring boys, lazy horses, sweet corns and hotdogs, souvenir items, and home-made ube jams and pies.





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