Mount Santo Tomas in Baguio City - Philippines

A prime and popular tourist destination in the northern region of the Philippines, Baguio City houses many scenic parks, beautiful sanctuaries and attractive religious structures. Burnham Park, Mines View Park, The Mansion and Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary are some of the most visited spots in the city. To have a pristine and grandeur view on these fascinating sites, travelers need to go to the city’s highest peak which is Mount Santo Tomas.

Enjoying Scenic Views From Mount Santo Tomas

Recognized as one of the most visited sites in the city, Mount Santo Tomas is exactly situated in Tuba, Benguet. Experts estimate the mountain peek to 7,500 feet high so it really provides a good view on lakes, valleys and plains in some towns of Benguet. Aside from Benguet, the mountain also offers an interesting view on La Union, Lingayen Gulf as well as on China Sea. Hence, to help travelers have a closer look on the mentioned sites, they can use two radars at the peek of Mount Santo Tomas.

Activities That People Can Do at Mount Santo Tomas

Those who have passion for trekking, mountain climbing and hiking, this is one of the spots in Baguio City that they should visit. From the base of Mount Santo Tomas, hikers can reach the top of the mountain in just a day. However, hikers should be careful when they hike this mountain since it has slippery, rough and narrow paths.

Upon reaching the peek of the mountain, hikers can watch the sunrise or sunset while having a picnic with the important persons in their lives. Those who want to get to the top of the mountain but do not want to hike or climb, they can use their vehicles but they need to be extra careful since Mount Santo Tomas has dangerous slopes. Hence, local residents advise travelers to drive through Marcos Hi-way since it is the safest and easiest road to take to get to the top of this adorable mountain.

Those who have passion for nature tripping should consider climbing Mount Santo Tomas. Many hikers who climb this mountain agree that reaching the top of Mount Santo Tomas provides them great relief and make them proud of themselves. The mountain provides inviting views on other natural wonders in northern Luzon, hence, reaching the mountain peek is a great achievement to trekkers. Once again, hikers and trekkers who have interest in climbing the mountain should be prepared and should follow precautionary measures since it is popular for dangerous slopes and slippery paths.



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