O-Mai Khan in Baguio City - Philippines

When in cold places like Baguio City warm foods are precious things to have, especially for breakfast and supper. And when it gets really cold, hot steaming foods, like those served at O-Mai Khan, Baguio are heavenly.

A lot of local and foreign tourists remind travelers to Baguio not to miss having meals at O-Mai Khan, Baguio. Foods are cooked before our eyescrisp Baguio vegetables and sizzling meats and fish blended with subtle spices and flavors unmistakably Oriental and savory.

A serving costs from Php 160 to Php 180. With special courses it may cost some Php 300 for 2 to 3 guests. There are schedules for an eat-all-you-can dining at Php 180 per person. O-Mai Khan, Baguio serves everything fresh out of the grill, pan, or kettleand mostly delectably sizzling at that.

O-Mai Khan, Baguio is also popular for its unique buffetwe get to choose what mixes with what ingredient. Raw vegetable and meat varieties are attractively displayed on rows, with dressings, spices, and sauces of various kinds. We simply point to our options and the cook cooks them for us. Its a mix-our-own style of dining.

The most popular, of course, are Mongolian barbecue and hotpots. Just the very sound of the restaurants name, O-Mai Khan, Baguio, conjures images of Mongolian cuisines and their savory aroma and flavor-rich taste. Be sure to try their shabu-shabu style (hotpot) which starts at 6 in the evening, and dont forget their super yummy lime pie for dessert.

O-Mai Khan, Baguio has a homey lobby with a bright white exposed ceiling truss greeting us. Its just like entering home. There are flowery plants in pots everywhere. Inside, the colors are subdued, with modern furnishings, some framed pictures on a wallnothing very Monglian in its true sensebut cozy and appealing.

Its easy to get to O-Mai Khan, Baguio. Just ask where city hall is and wed be there in no time. Its at 12 Otek Street, Rizal Park which is right in front city hall. Eso-Nice bus station is also near. If were staying at Bayanihan Lodge on Shanum Street, were quite near it. Likewise if were at Hotel Veniz and Gracious Angeli Travel and Tours Hotel, both along Harrison Road. Benguet Pine Tourist Inn and West Burnham Place on Shanum Street are within walking distance to O-Mai Khan, Baguio, and so is Golden Pine on Yandoc.

For particulars and reservation contact O-Mai Khan, Baguio at (074) 442 5885.



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