Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City - Philippines

A popular spot for foreigners and summer vacationers in the Philippines, Baguio City features enthralling and inviting destinations for those who want to have a relaxing, comfortable and fascinating travel experiences. Most tourists stay at the city during summer time since the city has colder climate as compared with other tourist places in the country. However, some travelers prefer to visit and stay at the city from February to March to attend one of the city’s famous festival, Panagbenga Festival.

Panagbenga Festival’s History

Formerly identified as Baguio Flower Festival, Panagbenga Festival was conceptualized and developed by Bases Conversion Development Authority officer Victor A. Lim and John Hay Poro Point Development Corporation lawyer Damaso Bangaoet Jr. It was in 1996 when artist Ike Picpican suggested that the name of the festival be changed to Panagbenga Festival since Panagbenga refers to a time of the year when flowers bloom. In the succeeding years, the festival serves as an important event to some political personalities like the members of Team Unity, a political party in the country, who attended Panagbenga in 2007.

Events Included in the Celebration of the Festival

The festival starts with an opening parade, which features dance competitions from various schools in Baguio City. Organizers of Panagbenga Festivally usually hold the opening parade on the first day of February. The parade normally takes place at Melvin Jones Ground and Session Road.

Panagbenga Festival also features bazzare and trade fair at Burnham Park from the start of the event until the first Sunday of the following month. Tourists and locales usually watch float and marching band competitions at Session Road in the last Saturday of February. Closing celebrations of this festival commonly happens at Athletic Bowl in the first week of March.

Minor Events in Panagbenga

People in the city always enjoy other events that happen in celebration of Panagbenga. Bulaklak Rock Battle of the Bands, Veteran Records Skateboard Competition and Local Arts Show are some of the attractions of the festival. Tourists can also see an exhibit that features beautiful dolls from Japan to have a memorable experience in the city.

Aside from beautiful parks and relaxing atmosphere, the festival is also a main attraction of Baguio City. Many television companies in the country cover the events in the festival. Thus, to those who like to see this wonderful event in the Summer Capital of the Philippines must book in advance in the hotels and other lodges in the city since most tourists visit Baguio to observe this festival.



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