Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City - Philippines

An outstanding leadership and military school in the Philippines, Philippine Military Academy aims to instill courage, loyalty and integrity to its students. Many great political personalities in the country are graduates of this school. The main objective of this academy is to teach students to dedicate themselves to their nation. Other traits that the school instills to students are patriotism and nationalism.

Located in the city of pines, Baguio City, Philippine Military Academy provides an inviting and comfortable environment to students who have desire to become military personnel and officers in the future. The school has a spacious training ground where it develops and improves the physical and mental abilities of students. In addition, teachers in the academy make sure that graduates at the school possess fundamental military skills.

Philippine Military Academy’s Brief History

The foundation of Academia Military marked the beginning of the history of Philippine Military Academy on October 25, 1898. Improvements in the curriculums of the academy started when the Legislature sector approved the renaming of the educational institution to Philippine Constabulary Academy on September 8, 1926. Even if World War II affected the classes and trainings at the school in the 1940s, it reopened on May 5, 1947.

To strengthen the curriculums in the academy, some courses relating to social sciences and humanity were added in the early part of the 1960s. Hence, in 1993, the administration of Philippine Military Academy introduced the Tri-Service concept to its students to prepare them to the challenges that military officials face.

Facilities and Extra Curricular Activities at Philippine Military Academy

To strengthen the physical skills and abilities of future military cadets, the academy forms a football club. Members of this club undergo regular training to prepare themselves when they join in some football tournaments in the country. Aside from a spacious football field, Philippine Military Academy provides relaxing places to its students like a library where cadets can do their research works.

Philippine Military Academy is one of the famous and premier schools in Baguio City. Unlike other schools, it focuses on strengthening the dedication and commitment of its students to the country. Along with the physical training that military cadets engage to in the academy, it also offers several undergraduate degree programs to widen the perspectives of its students on other fields including social sciences. With its good facilities and excellent degree programs, Philippine Military Academy remains the best and top military school in the country.



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