Pines City Colleges in Baguio City - Philippines

A private, famous and coeducational establishment in Baguio City, Pines City Colleges focuses on providing quality education to students who want to pursue careers in the health sector. This school does not just offer good educational programs to students in tertiary level but also to students in elementary and tertiary level. In addition, Pines City Colleges owns a hospital where its nursing students take their internship programs.

Formerly recognized as Pines City Educational Center, Pines City Colleges is the oldest school that specializes in nursing in the entire Cordillera Administrative Region. The school is situated in an urban area so students are near and accessible to some commercial establishments where they can relax during free time. Among all, the atmosphere at the school is very inviting and conducive for learning.

Pines City Colleges’ History

The development of Pines City Doctor’s Hospital in 1965 started the history of Pines City Colleges. After four years, the hospital opened a nursing school wherein 42 students luckily were accepted at the degree program. Because of the school’s aim to serve a great number of students in the northern region of the Philippines, it began to offer several undergraduate and graduate courses in the late 1970s. In present times, the school has nine colleges.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at Pines City Colleges

Since the school specializes in medical sciences, six of its colleges are inclined with providing medical sciences including the College of Dentistry, College of Optometry, College of Pharmacy, College of Rehabilitation Medicine and College of Medical Technology. Meanwhile, to serve other students, the school opens other colleges such as College of Tourism and Hotel Restaurant Management as well as College of Arts and Sciences.

Pines City Colleges accepts deserving undergraduate and graduate students. Some of the undergraduate and graduate programs available at the school are Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, Doctor of Optometry and Doctor of Dental Medicine. To those who want to take two year courses, they can choose from some Associate programs in the school including Associate in Pulmonary Therapy and Associate in Computer Secretarial.

The Commission on Higher Education accredits Pines City Colleges so students have nothing to worry about the quality of education that they can get if they enroll at the school. In addition, medical students can learn a lot in their internship since the school has affiliates like Benguet General Hospital and San Lazaro Hospital. To students who have interest in medical sciences, they should consider the degree programs of Pines City Colleges because it is one of the best colleges in Baguio City.



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