Saint Louis University in Baguio City - Philippines

One of the excellent and popular learning institutions in the Philippines, Saint Louis University succeeds in helping the beautiful city of Baguio establish a strong educational sector. With 20,000 students, there is no doubt that it is the largest school in the northern region of the Philippines. Many scholars and excellent students in the other parts of the country as well as in other countries enroll in the university because it has an outstanding curriculum.

Located at the center of Baguio City, Saint Louis University provides first class and remarkable learning environment for students. Most college students in the country also show interest in studying in the university since Saint Louis University passes the international education standards for tertiary level. Among all, the school does not just serve college students but it also offers good educational curriculum for elementary and high school students.

Saint Louis University’s History

A prestigious religious order in the world, Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary contributed to the beginning of this outstanding university. Father Seraphin Devesse established an elementary boys’ school for the residents of the city in 1911. At start, the school only caters to ten boys in Baguio City until the religious institution decided to accept high school students in 1921.

Saint Louis University began to offer college courses to students who want to pursue a career in Liberal Arts and Commerce in 1952, through the leadership of Father Gerard Decaestecker. The university attracted many students so it opened courses in other fields in the succeeding years. Hence, in 1955, the school started to offer courses to graduate students.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Offered By the University

With the aim of providing quality education to college and graduate students, Saint Louis University offers several undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields like Accountancy and Commerce, Education, Engineering and Architecture, Medicine and Human Sciences. Some of the undergraduate and graduate programs that it offers are Bachelor of Arts Major in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master in Biological Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

Situated along Bonifacio Street in Baguio City, Saint Louis University is definitely one of the best universities in the Philippines. Since it passes national and international standards for college education, tertiary students in this university have excellent educational background. With the outstanding curriculum as well as relaxing and inviting environments conducive for learning, students will surely enjoy studying and learning in this premium school.



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