Star Café in Baguio City - Philippines

Located along Session Road deep within the alluring City of Baguio, Star Café is an old and classic restaurant that consistently serves delectable food all throughout the years. In this premier dining location, people can find great-tasting breads as well as other delightful dishes unlike no other place in the city. In general, customers only need a budget of around 100 to 200 pesos to get a fill of the extensive offerings of great-tasting food at this topnotch dining facility. This place may not be as grand and elegant as the other restaurants out there, but it is enough to attract, draw, and satisfy numerous kinds of people to try on their excellent food offerings.

Throughout the years, Star Café epitomizes what Filipinos have come to know as an old-school bakeshop, a typical bakery of sorts where people usually buy breads and pastries in the mornings as well as in the afternoons. Among the high quality breads that it offers are beef empanadas, cheese bread, and ensaymada. The place also serves pandesal, cinnamon rolls, which perfectly go well with some really nice hot drinks like coffees and hot chocolate drinks.

Aside from bread, many people love to eat Star Cafés Chicken Mami, which complements well the nice cool climate of the city. Stay hot and cozy despite the nice cool weather in the area with the perfect combination of its super hot soup and tender noodles. Moreover, the place also serves authentic Filipino dishes such as fried chicken, hot and sour soup, as well as lumpia shanghai. In terms of snacks and desserts, one of the top options is the super tasty and mouthwatering egg pie. At Star Café, customers can even create their very own exciting food combinations for a very satisfying dining experience.

Star Café is exactly located at Number 39 along Session Road, which is one of the busiest and most attractive places in Baguio City. In fact, it is generally considered as one of the major tourist spots in the Philippines today. More important, it is also found near some of the finest hotels and lodging areas in the city including Princess Apartelle, Skyrise Hotel, and Hotel Constancia. Tourists and guests can also stay at other premier hotels within the area such as Microtel Inns and Suites, Venus Parkview Hotel, and Prince Plaza Hotel.

For customers who want to try the various exciting classic food offerings at Star Café, they can directly go to the restaurant even without reservations. For inquiries, they can call the restaurant management and staff by dialing the telephone numbers (074)-442-3148 and (074)-442-4041. Despite its old and classic look, Star Café remains one of the best dining locations, not only along Session Road, but also in the entire City of Baguio.



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