Tam-awan Village in Baguio City - Philippines

One of the provinces in the mountainous part of Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines, Ifugao is rich in culture and history that many foreigners and Filipinos like to explore. To provide an overview on the culture of Ifugao, the local government of Baguio City together with Chanum Foundation Inc,, develop a new tourist attraction named as Tam-awan Village.

With the hope of preserving the culture of the province, the foundation creates a living museum that features some of artifacts that reflect Ifugao’s history and way of life. Tam-awan Village also organizes art exhibits and cultural performances to attract tourists. This village is not only a tourist spot in the city, but it is also serves as a community to artists who devote themselves in creating cultural art works.

A Brief History of Tam-awan Village

The brief history of Tam-awan Village began when a group of artists decided to reconstruct a model village of Ifugao in a spacious land in Baguio City in 1998. The group started with just three Ifugao huts from Banga-an. As years passed, Chanum Foundation Inc. transported several huts from the province until in 2008; the foundation was able to transport a total of eight huts to Tam-awan Village. To make the tourist spot more fascinating and attractive, the group organized several cultural and recreational activities at the site.

Accommodations, Cultural and Recreational Activities at Tam-awan Village

To serve those who have deep passion for learning the culture and history of Ifugao, artists at the village offers different accommodation packages to visitors for as low as Php 500 per day. Some packages include breakfast and lunch. To those who want to have picnics and bonfire at the village, they need to pay Php 150 excluding, entrance fees. Entrance fees at Tam-awan Village are as follows: Php 20 for children, Php 30 for senior citizens and Php 50 for adults.

Meanwhile to those who want to hold seminars and conferences at the village it has spacious and beautiful huts that they can rent for only Php 5,000 a day. Visitors can also attend art workshops for only Php 400. Above all, foundations and other private associations ca organize cultural shows at the village for as low as Php 5,000 per day.

The model village is not just an attractive site to see but also a relaxing place, which offers low accommodation rates to tourists. With affordable accommodation rates and exciting cultural and recreational activities, Tam-awan Village is surely one of the most attractive and best places that travelers should see in the city.



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