Tulip Apartelle in Baguio City - Philippines

How about experiencing being kept warm by a fireplace as the temperature drops in Baguio City? We can have this delightful experience at Tulip Apartelle.

The temperature can drop so low in the cold months from September to February, especially from December and onwards. These are times when fireplaces may come in handy. Tulip Apartelle can afford us this amenity.

Located at 47 Legarda Road in the Kisad Legarda area west of Burnham Park and the football field near it, Tulip Apartelle has exactly the hotel amenities we need for a comfy stay in the City of Pines. Cozy bedrooms, warm beds, nice comfort rooms, cable TV, hot and cold shower, kitchen and living room.

There are two Tulip Apartelle branches in Baguio; one on Legarda Street and the other at Loakan District. For budget purposes here are sample rates of the hotel: if, say, 2 persons need to stay 4 days in Baguio and they can settle for a shared comfort room, it’d cost them Php 1080. This is with cable TV.

If the two opt for a day’s stay with their own comfort room and cable TV, it’s cost them Php 1200. If 4 persons would stay at Tulip Apartelle for 2 days with 2 queen-size beds and own comfort room, it’d cost them Php 1800. In case a bigger area is needed by 4 persons for 6 days and they need 2 big beds and a kitchen, it’d cost them Php 2400.

There are many lodging arrangements possible with Tulip Apartelle. We may opt for a room, an Apartelle with living room and/or kitchen, depending on the kind of vacation we are thinking of. If we plan to stay out most of the time, then a simple room would do for a place to sleep and keep our things in.

At times, we may even have a room at Tulip Apartelle for only Php 800, depending on the time of year. If it’s not peak season we may chance upon low rates at Tulip Apartelle. Other bonus when choosing this lodging is that night life will never be boring with the Nevada Square just beside it. It’s also an easy walking distance (just across Burnham) to ukay-ukay stores on Session Road where we can shop for 4 shoe pairs plus a nice bag for only Php 500.

From Legarda Street where Tulip Apartelle is, we may choose to head north for the city hall and Quirino Highway at its rear, or go south to Marcos Highway. The Apartelle is quickly accessible.




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