University of Baguio in Baguio City - Philippines

Included in the top private universities in the Philippines, University of Baguio is one of the leading schools in the northern area of the country. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) gives the Award of Distinction as Deregulated Status to the university for its efforts in giving quality education to students in tertiary level. The school has outstanding and dedicated faculty members who teach and train students to become competitive.

University of Baguio has a relaxing atmosphere that is conducive for learning. It also holds athletic competitions and art events that develop the communication and art skills of its students. Among all, the school hones students to be responsible, service-oriented and dedicated individuals.

University of Baguio’s Brief History

Rosa C. Bautista and husband Dr. Fernando G. Bautista founded this educational institution on August 8, 1948. University of Baguio strived hard to provide competitive environment to students. After several years, the institution introduced new curriculums and degree programs to serve more youths in the city until CHED granted level II and level III accreditation status to some of the undergraduate and graduate programs of the school in 2007.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at University of Baguio

University of Baguio is proud to offer 13 colleges to students who want to succeed in different fields. College of Business Administration and Accountancy, College of Education, College of Information and Communications Technology and College of Liberal Arts are some of the popular colleges in the school. To those who have interest in pursuing careers in natural sciences they can enroll in College of Nursing, College of Medical Technology, College of Dentistry and College of Physical Therapy and Optometry.

The university has outstanding curriculums in some of its undergraduate degrees including Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Graduate students can also enroll in the graduate programs of the school such as Doctor of Philosophy, Master in Public Administration and Master of Arts in English.

Grade School and Science High School at University of Baguio

The university also offers education to elementary and secondary levels. The curriculums that the school follows in grade school and high school are unique since it focuses on helping students realize their skills, talents and potentials to the fullest. Among all, University of Baguio offers quality education to secondary level students by establishing Science-based curriculum.

University of Baguio aims to promote quality and responsible education in the city. Hence, students who want to have quality education should consider the curriculums of the university since the school does not just help them become intelligent individuals but it also teaches them to be responsible persons.



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