Wright Park in Baguio City

Situated near The Mansion in Baguio City, Wright Park is one of the three most visited and beautiful parks in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Aside from Burnham Park and Mines View Park, this amusing park is another relaxing and refreshing place to see in the city. It has different attractive features and it is accessible to other tourist destinations like Mines View Park and Baguio Cathedral.

Identified by locale people as Pool of Pines, Wright Park has majestic and fascinating pine trees. Travelers should bring cameras with them when they see this park because it has a scenic and enticing view. People who stay at the park enjoy a lot since it has special attractions like those that horse rides.

Special Attractions at Wright Park

The park has a rectangular man-made lake that is surrounded by spectacular and alluring pine trees. Wright Park is very attractive even at night since it has beautiful streetlights that allow tourists to have a glimpse at the attractive flowers. Most of the time, tourists find Igorots in the park. Tourists can buy native handcrafts, souvenirs and silver accessories from Igorots. They can also take pictures with them if they like to.

Horse Back Riding at the Park

Horse back riding is one of the main features of Wright Park. To reach the spacious area at the park where tourists can ride horses, tourists need to walk through a stairway near the center of the site. Parents have nothing to worry about the safety of their children when they ride horses since there are two different areas in the park assigned for running ponies and walking ponies.

Horse guides at Wright Park are accredited and skilled horse riders so tourists can relax and have fun. Horse guides also make sure that horse riders are safe so they usually accompany beginners or they ride along with children to assure their safety.

Horse back riding in Baguio City is less expensive than in other tourist sites in the city that offer such service. Horse riders pay Php 300 per hour or Php 150 for half an hour for renting some ponies at Wright Park. Horse riders can also hire guides if they want to visit other tourist places in the city like The Mansion and Mines View Park.

With all the special attractions, this enticing park is definitely one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Baguio City. To those who want to have a relaxing and memorable vacation at the city, their travel experiences are incomplete if they will not feel the inviting and refreshing air at Wright Park.



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